Sunday, March 1, 2009

Me, A Teacher?

Yes, it's true!
Ask, and I will teach. Yes, I will venture into a new world. I promise I will be prepared, and will try to be an interesting and informative teacher. Now, let's just hope people sign up :o) No pressure, or anything....

I am offering a Felted Scarf class at my very favorite shop in the world, The Grove at 30th and Juniper in North Park. In my opinion,there is nothing better than spending some 
time at The Grove, being creative and making friends. It's such a wonderful place, and I always seem to run out of time when I'm there. Or, I should say that I walk through the door, and then it seems a whole hour or day flies away, filled with fun, laughter, and people who talk the language you talk. Getting to know Anne and especially Susan has been a main highlight of my life over the past five years. Susan taught me to knit, and I actually worked for Susan for a few months when she started getting really busy in the yarn shop during her first year in business. Now, to be teaching classes there is such a gift for me. I can't 
wait. Here are pictures of the lovely silk felted scarf. It's an easy scarf to create, and a great introduction to needle felting. Plus, you will take home a gorgeous and unique piece of art that works equally well adorning a table top as it does your neck!  The bottom photo is Gail's scarf. While others in the class made simple designs, Susan and Gail made these beautiful freeform patterned scarves that were so artistic, they took your breath away!

When I'm not at the Grove (which is rare), I have taken to visiting my newest other favorite shop, Paper Tales in Point Loma. Paper Tales is a scrapbook store, and much more. In my past life (when my boys were babies), I was quite the scrapbook queen. I have beautiful scrapbooks depicting every moment of my young son's lives. Well, up until about when Kyle was born, when everything pretty much came to a screeching halt. (How does baby #2 do that?) When Kyle turned about 6, and I realized I was still working on his first year of life, I decided to stop pressuring myself, and pretty much threw in the scrapbooking towel. At least I have those 3 beautiful albums to pore over and appreciate. The boys appreciate them too, and I hope they won't hold it against me that I only documented their very young lives...

Michelle at Paper Tales has invited me to teach a pincushion class. I am 
thrilled at the prospect of teaching at Paper Tales too! I will teach those who are interested to make an Itty Bitty Bouquet of Roses Pincushion. These pincushion have been so popular, and if you desire, you can learn to make these for yourself. The class date hasn't been announced yet on the Paper Tales website, but I will give you a hint; April 4th from 3-5pm. Visit Paper Tales fun blog, and soon you will find the listing for the Itty Bitty Bouquet of Roses Pincushion class. They also have samples at the store that you can buy if you think you aren't quite up to making one yourself.

I hope to see you soon at The Grove or at Paper Tales, and will be thrilled to meet you if you are in a class I teach :o) ...It's all very exciting!


Bairbre Aine said...

Oh, I must agree with you.
I love visiting the Grove shoppe.
I took a class there (awhile ago now) and had a wonderful time.
Bits of wool, books, great chat ups.
I think I need to take a felting class and perhaps a pincushion class too.
OH I love both these projects!

Valerie said...

Hi Bairbre Aine,

I love your name :o)
I visited your blog, and learned about your pay it forward project. Do you have person #6 yet? It may have to be me...!

Breathing Beside Us said...

You'll be a great teacher! I love your piece at Paer Tales!
Can't wait to see you at Miguel's!!! Fun, Fun!