Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dress and A Necklace, part 2

Do you remember the post from a couple months ago about the dress and the necklace that were responsible for keeping me up at night? (What?! You don't?! Well, HECK!) Anyhow, the post was called A Reason Not To Sleep, and now I am finally going to show you what became of those two most inspirational pieces.

First, the dress. The inspiration came from a Banana Republic dress with a ruched under the bust upper section, and flat middle panel to define the waist, and a lovely pleated skirt. I just couldn't stop thinking about that dress! Well, here's my take on the dress. I call this piece Swirled Grace.

The upper section is from a black cashmere sweater which I've turned backward, putting the buttons in back. The flat middle panel is from a separate sweater which I've embellished all the way around with needle felting. And, the bottom pleated section is formed in two sections which hang freely from each other. Sort of like a Gladiator outfit, or even two loincloths (what a visual!), but working very nicely for a "hippy" woman, because the fabric falls straight down, without emphasizing the hips. Wear a pair of black pants underneath, and it is so flattering!

Here's the back of the sweater, showing the button detail. (These pictures are terrible, and I so apologize. It's a rainy grey day today, and I can't seem to manage a good picture without my usual bright SoCal sunbeam)

And here's the side zip entry. You can see the gladiator panels a bit better in this picture. Now, when I wear this piece, since I am very long waisted, a triangular peek of skin shows on each side of my waist-very sexy! If I'm feeling rather large that day, a simple black shell under the vest solves the skin peekiness, no problem!

It's a lovely piece, and I appreciate all the comments from people admiring it on Saturday. And no, I didn't remove a rib to get so skinny in my waist, I just came that way! Just so you know, I can make you your very own custom piece just like this. The sweater selection will vary, and possibly the colors too, but it will be every bit as special as "Swirled Grace"!

Upcoming next: The Necklace... Stay tuned!


TUTU Monkey said...

I think this is one of my favorites!!! Looks even better on!!

Good Job!!

sandra lee said...

You are amazing!!! I bet it looked great too...sorry I did not make the artisans alley, made a quick jaunt to Pt Loma and then family get togethers. Can't wait to see this necklace.