Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Snowing Over Here!!!

Photo and snow on my blog courtesy of ABunCanDance. Thank YOU for helping winterize my blog!

Can you see it?! Isn't it exciting?! I've had the most delightful time blog-visiting tonight, and I couldn't wait another minute to share some wonderful finds. Most especially, the falling snow :o)

The next bit of whimsy that I want to share with you belongs on a blog called Dottie Angel. There's a sweet story over there that you must read. It will get you into the spirit of the season in a wonderfully vintage handmade sort of way that really just needs to be ... well, experienced.

And finally for tonight, is this holiday pictorial delight swiped off Jolly All Sorts blog. This is exactly how I want my entire world to look; happy, snowman-y, and all red and teal. Since I'm still in finishing up the custom orders mode, and in planning for the big Christmas dinner party (it's our year to host...), nary a stitch of decorating has been done within the confines of my house... sniff. But I will begin, and SOON. For I have a deadline, and as we all know, I work BEST under pressure. Heck, don't we all :o) Have a happy snowman-y day!

Just LOVE them!

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