Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Big Case of Indecision

It's going something like this... Lost or American Idol? And, if I record them both, then will I ever have time to watch them later? If I watch one and fast forward through all the commercials, will I still be able to stay awake to watch the other? Grrrh! Why can't I just decide?

I know it's because I'm suffering from the effects of putting together a very large order for Hello Bluebird. It was like pulling teeth trying to decide what was going to stay and what was going to go. Let me tell you, once I put the goods into the box, and taped it up, it was like I was a freed slave once I shipped it off. I hope I can say that. Freed slave...

Now, I all the sudden find I'm right back where I started from... sigh.
- "She" wants me to give her a piece for a presentation, and wants me to choose between this and that.
- "They" both want me to show and sell in their gallery, but I must select different things for both places. And, are these galleries places I want to be?
- "That" would be perfect, but I must choose which one will be the better "perfect" for the project.

Okay, I'm going crazy here... I guess it's time to go and see if I can just get through those TV shows like I originally planned. Now... which knitting project to work on while I sit in front of the TV?


Mari said...

love both.... but the first one is my favorite!!! the colors and ot looks so real!!!

Valerie said...

Thank you, Mari. Yes, that first one reads so well when you can see it in this format! Helped to make my decision easier!

Karin said...

They're both so beautiful Val! I can't believe I completely forgot Lost started yesterday. I've been waiting forever. And then don't even get to see it. I have it taped though.

Guess what?! I saw you the other day in Southpark! You were on 30th getting into your car and I was going to pick up Carlos. It cracks me up how many times I bump into you on a random basis. (either that or I sound like a stalker :)

Talk to you soon! K