Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Been A Good Day, A Really Good Day

I can't help myself, I just want to shout out! I'm feel as jumpy as a playful lambie. Then, the next minute I feel like I'm a kettle ready to boil over, tooting my horn all over the place. Good things are abounding all around me. I feel so thankful, um humm.

I am gearing up for what seems to be the biggest event of my life, the Style Awards Fashion Show on March 26th. Today, I found out who the models are that will be wearing my creations. They are perfect, and I'm so excited to work out my designs! Yea! I will have a sweet brother and sister team, ages 5 and 7, with golden curly hair. Then, two girls who look like sisters, tall and dark, olive complected, ages 8 and 10; perfect! I've been offered two additional boys to outfit. You know what? I'm going to try to fit everybody in. It's not a crowd, it's a party!

So, that goodness was actually preceded by the following fantastic happenings;
- I have been invited to be a featured artist at Art N' Soul's open house on March 20th. Yea!
- I finally ordered my needle felting machine today, a Babylock Emellisher. Oh my golly!
- I hired a real life true assistant today, Michelle. Michelle worked for me at Artrageous, and she is amazing, really truly amazing. I feel so lucky that she's available to come and help me at the busiest time of my life. She starts on Monday, hooray!
- I learned my lovely sculpted needle felted floral necklace on the Shibori silk ribbon is being featured in Belle Armoire, a high end Stampington publication. Wow, wow.

I think that's enough for one day. Really, it's about all I can handle. I am so thankful. I am so happy. I am honored to be able to create, and that you peeps out there like my creations and recognize what I'm doing to be special and worthy of appreciation. And, I am so happy that I now have a HELPER!!!



TUTU Monkey said...

Holy Moly!!!! I am HAPPY DANCING for you!!! Yahooo!!!!

Valerie said...

Dana, thank you!! I need to talk to you about the fashion show. I'll visit your blog...

Tamerie Shriver said...

Yippee!!!! Good for you! I am so happy that YOU are so happy!! I am sure that your outfits will be the 'best in show,' so to speak. Can't wait to see them!


sandra said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray...I am so excited and happy for you! I know you and your sweet pieces will shine like the sun!