Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Wrangler And A Recap

Meet Wrangler, the one responsible for stealing my heart at the Helen Woodward Animal Center benefit. I am still thinking of that pup! Maybe it's just that I am partial to black and white dogs, heck yes! But Wrangler cannot come live with us, even though he's wrangled his way into mine. He is part Lab and part Border Collie, and we have those dreaded allergies over here, so we need dogs like Lola, our wonderful Portuguese Water Dog. Good thing she is as cute and even more personable than Wrangler, for she's our girl, and the love of our family's life.

I do so hope Wrangler will find a good home too. He certainly deserves one! Don't you think he maybe needs to come and live with you?! Go and give him a visit over at the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter, but don't say I didn't warn you. He's sure to wrangle his way into your heart too!

Our evening in Rancho Santa Fe was not only filled with adorable pets looking for homes, but pet lovers galore. I thought I'd take a moment to post a few of my new pet pillows for you to see. It's so crazy, but this first one, the Bear Dog, looks awfully similar to Wrangler. Don't you agree? Heck, I sure do have black and white dogs on the brain!

I couldn't resist including just one birdie pillow... The secret is that I can't go on to other things until I get those birdies out of my system. Somewhat sick but true. Now you know why birds get top billing for my subject matter!

And lastly, the recap. Well, we've been a bit sad of late. My father in law passed away last night. My husband, Greg, had to fly to Denver on emergency mid-week, and after three tough days in hospice care, George made his transition last evening. This is the first parent we've lost, between Greg and I, and it seems as though we've reached a new stage in life... At least George lived a good long life, and was generally full of beans up until the end. So, with a prayer and a sigh, and a wish that the angels take good care of George, and bring him peace and solace in his afterlife. xo to all the Heberts in Colorado. I'm sending off lots of love until my Greg comes back to us, we hope very soon.


Heather said...

Oh Val-I'm so sorry for your loss.
Will you and the boys be heading to Colorado for the funeral? (Safe trip if you do!)
Your new animal pillows are wonderful! You are sure one busy girl!! Hugs and my sincere sympathy to you and yours.

Valerie said...

Thank you for your kind words Heather. We are most likely not going to go for the funeral because my boys are just starting the Star testing in school. The school rides parents and kids about not missing the testing period because it's so important. So, we are thinking of taking the boys later, when everything's not so sad, and they can visit their relatives under different conditions. I'm not sure if we're making the right decision or not...

Marcia DeCoster said...

Condolences to you and Greg....the lose of a parent is always difficult. Even when the parent has lived a good long life and we think we're ready, it's still hard. Best, Marcia

Sabine said...

Sorry for your and Greg's loss. Nice post about his life.

Your dog felts are terrific! It makes me want to attempt a portrait of our dog.

Ann (potato's mom)