Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With The Grey Comes The Beauty

I often say you can take the best photos on a grey day.

The colors are at their brightest, without having to compete with the sun!

Our grey, misty, weather is caused by hot inland temps, which draw in the gloomy coastal clouds to obscure sunny days at the beach. Once the ocean warms up, the cloud cover is finished. But we have to endure this "June gloom" for several weeks every year. Many days the clouds burn off by mid morning, but sometimes they stick around all day... :o(

In the misty air, Lola and I walk with our heads down, and our scenery is the sidewalk. Often we find a treasure or two. Today I remembered to bring my camera. Lola sat patiently and waited while I photographed "sidewalk art".

Join me as I look for the beauty that surrounds us,
even on a grey day, or when the sun doesn't shine.

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