Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Littlest Shopper Was the Biggest Hit

Little Miss Meila came to my booth and was instantly captivated with Coin Purse Monsters. Well, those and the nearby Childrens Museum's cash register station. That girl is going to be quite the shopper one day! While she was madly punching away on the buttons, her dad was shopping my lovely selection of needle felted recycled wool children's sweaters. After a perusal, and trying on a couple of sweaters, Meila was happily ensconced in the "Fly Me South For The Winter" sweater, with "Zoom!" needle felted on the backside. Of course, that's after she delighted everyone within eyesight with her cutiepie modeling ability!

Thank you, Meila (and her parents), for coming out to visit the Make Good group at the Handmade Trunkshow at the Children's Museum. What a great group of artisans, and I'm thrilled to report that Make Good will soon be carrying more of my needle felted goodness in their South Park shop. Yea!

Well, no rest for the weary over here. I have just signed on to do a 4th holiday show, called the Handmade Holiday Pop-Up Shop, on the evening of Artisans' Alley, no less! That would be NEXT Saturday, Dec. 4th... Artisans' Alley is from 9-3, and HH Pop-Up Shop from 6-10. (I will be drinking some serious caffeine that day!) I am sooo excited about this new show. I was invited to attend by Susie Ghahremani of Boy Girl Party If you aren't familiar with Susie, or her fantastic illustrations, well, you should be! I know I will be totally shopping in her booth at next weekend's show, um-hummm! So, plan to come out next Saturday for a rockin' holiday the Val's Art Studio way. :o)


Alex said...

Wow! congrats and so glad that cutie pie sweater found a good home! Also, I ADORE Susie's work--so cool that you met her and are doing a show with her! I am having West Coast envy all of a sudden...;)

jen byard said...

Loved having my booth next to yours! Your creations are amazing and I felt very inspired by your work. Glad to have met you...