Saturday, March 5, 2011

How's The Creative Flow?

I think we all are creative beings, no matter whether we paint, craft, bead, computer program, design gardens, manage people, etc. I believe that if we are enjoying what we are doing, we are in a creative state of mind. Some of us don't feel creative at day jobs, and search to nourish our creative spirit "after hours". Hopefully, we all find the way to our best state of being, nourishing that creative state of mind, the zen spot where time, place, and even our own sense of self melts away. If we can manage this, life is oh - so - good!

Time, events, obligations, people in need, even our own self doubt are some things that get in the way of nourishing our creative being. It can be such a struggle to tell your creative side to wait, to hold on, to hold that thought.... while you are busy attending to the more insistent situations life throws our way. Kind of like sprinkling cold water over a boiling pot to keep it at a simmer, pushing and keeping those creative voices on the back burner can be so frustrating.

Nurturing ourselves during those frustrating times can help. Carrying a small notebook to jot down the important ideas, to sketch a simple truth, to quell an insistent thought. To just calm a busy mind. These are things that can, and do help. I am planning to nurture myself with several sketch books this upcoming week. It's going to be necessary, for it's going to be a week of compelling emotions.

How about you? How is your creative flow? What are some tools you use to nurture yourself during anxious days? How do you calm a busy mind and get back to the place of zen.... ?

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Heather Woollove said...

I will be thinking of you this week, Val. Your optimism and sweetness will surely find a niche in this difficult time ahead. Please take the time to eat properly and rest, so that the expected onslaught of emotions doesn't overwhelm you. Hugs and love--