Saturday, September 24, 2011

Craft show love

One of the things I like best about what I do is attending the art and craft shows. It is a lot of work, but I really love getting to meet people face to face who enjoy my work. We start talking, and invariably, they start asking questions. I just can't resist posting a few priceless questions I get at these shows. Sometimes I am just laughing my head off at what comes my way!

- "Are you a millionaire? Do you sell online? Everyone must buy your products like crazy!" Haa ha! Oh my, that one had me going! Sweet lady, no, I am not a millionaire! I wish my work sold like wildfire online, but I think people just need to see my work in real life to fully appreciate all of what I do.

- "What IS needle felting?" I keep saying I will take my needle felting mat and needles to demo what I do, but then everyone would see how easy it is. Can't give that secret away, now, can I?!

- "Oh, these are just like those Ugly Dolls, right?" Uhh, wrong. No, these are much cuter (if I say so myself), and they are handmade by me, and NOT in China!

- "Do you make all of these products? How do you find the time?" I pretty much work day and night in preparation for one of my shows, especially the week or two before a show. I really do work best under pressure, so I am creating things in a whirlwind! Plus, I have my two awesome helpers, Mona and Toshi, who are helping me in a very big way. We've been making the more popular items for the past two months! Poor family members, Lola, Greg and the boys... they know to steer clear when I'm "in the work mode"!

- "Were you professionally trained in Europe?" Oh, golly, NO! I'm completely self taught!

- "How do you come up with all of these ideas?" I surely don't know the answer to that question... It's just the way my mind rolls, is all. I just try to keep up!

My next show is the Del Mar Taste and Art Stroll on Sunday, Oct 2, exactly 8 days from today! Guess what my next week will be like ... Hold on, boys! Here we go again!!!


Weenie said...

your dolls are WAY cuter than ugly dolls!!

Valerie said...

Thanks, Weenie! BTW, I like your name :o)
x, Val

Libby said...

Val. I love this post and know this life. A good show is such a treat. Those days leading up to a big show are like being a junkie on a binge...running on vapours and hardly sleeping. Ha ha I ran out of stamina and had to get a real job but I miss it.