Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wooly process + scrap bin magic

I love everything about working with old wool sweaters. Even the leftovers, which result in Scrap bin Friendlys... isn't he cute?!

Heck, lately, I even love the thrifting process (shocking, since I was never a thrift store shopper in the past. Nordstroms used to be my style!) No affording those luxuries these days, I even shop for myself and my family in that treasure galaxy of "thrift". Yesterday, I found an amazing pair of silk pants by Escada. In perfect condition, they were on sale, 1/2 price. I paid $7.48 for them. Who doesn't love that?!

I have started coming home with armloads of sweaters once again. Ladies fashions take lots more felted wool "fabric" than making children's clothing. The result is heaps of sweaters in the most delicious colors and textures. I put them through the wash, then down on the ground they go where I pair and sort the colors, patterns and moods...

Then I take some very deep breaths, and I get out my trusty scissors, and I begin to cut and snip those sweaters UP! I measure twice and cut once. Then I pin them to my "Esmeralda" (dress maker dummy :o), and I look it over, and change things up, and look again.... It's a long and delicate process, and I love it!

I spend gobs of time when I'm working out a design, sometimes days.... I sketch, and peruse fashion (pinterest...), gather inspiration, use what's worked in the past. I stitch and iron, and I hand stitch... Process, process, I love it!!

What results always amazes me. I am very detail oriented... I have been referred to as a perfectionist even (yikes), however, I'm secretly pleased to be talked about like that :o)

Once I finish sewing up the design, I embellish with it a beautiful needle felting, and finish the piece with embroidery. Then it's truly done, and it's a unique work of art... one you can wear. I don't believe art is something you should hang up on the wall at home. Oh no! Wear your art, and wear it proudly!!

And those leftover scraps? They get turned into the most irresistible cutie pies. I never tire of making these...

Have yourself a wooly day, and weekend. We are getting a bit of fall cold here in San Diego. How are things in your neck of the woods?

Happy Fall!
x, Val

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Marfa said...

I love what you do with your leftover scraps!!!