Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hopeful Heart

"Hope" is my chosen theme for the 2012 Sketchbook Project

Sometimes I just need a few moments to lose myself in paint.... or colored pencils... or sweet Friendlys... in some sewing.... or in Hope....

I wanted to post about the 2012 Sketchbook project last week, just in case you thought you might want to join. I heard about this project last winter, when it was too late to join, but I signed up to be notified about it for next year... this year now. (I'm sorry to report the deadline to enter for this year has passed. Oh well, there's next year, right?) I received a small sketchbook in the mail, along with a shirt, and I signed up to have my book digitally entered into the project. I have until mid January to finish the sketchbook. All my thoughts about .... Hope.

Now only an amazing three pages into the sketchbook, I find bits and pieces of time where I can paint my dreams about Hope. I don't have too much free time right now, but I will carve out time so I can fill up my pretty book. It will eventually go on tour with a multitude of other sketchbooks. I love the idea of my artistic sketches going on tour in a museum show ... originating at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City... hee hee :o)

If you are so inclined, you can get in on the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project by clicking this link here. And I have a super secret code that will get you $2.00 off if you want to join, or buy a copy of the Limited Edition book. Ready? Here it is:


Have yourself a Hopeful Fall weekend!
x, Val


TUTU Monkey said...

Hello lovely Val....just playing catch up with your blog!! MAN, you are one talented woman!!! (((((HUGS)))))

Hope to catch up soon!!

Marfa said...

Hope is a great topic. I love my sketchbook...which I doodle in, but mostly WRITE. Colored pencils are one of my most favorite things to use...about 20 years ago a Russian woman gave me her set of Prismacolors, which I still use...I've added a new black and couple other colors, too.