Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sparkle Sunday

The truth of the matter is that sparkle nails just make everything better!

My niece, Julia, and I have been having a weekly sparkle fest. It's so much fun! I think between the two of us, we now own nearly every sparkle nail polish Target stocks. We have practiced several options; polish first covered with sparkle, or just plain sparkle. Does the polish lasts longer with or without sparkle? Do we need top coat after sparkle?

I'm happy to report that polish, covered with sparkle, covered with top coat lasts over a week! Even if you scrub the sink with Comet 3-4 times because someone left an iron pan in the sink over night, and you are trying to get rid of the rust stain.... Yes! The sparkle lasts like a champ. In fact, it's a l i t t l e tough to remove. Just a fair warning. Takes something like a jackhammer to get that sparkle off... but it's totally worth it! It's so awesomely bling-y!!

I planned my sparkle to go with this dress. I'm planning to wear it tomorrow to the Local Color Craft Fair. The event is in a warehouse building, and it's bound to be chilly. Not for me though! This yummy wooly dress, my black boots and jeans, and sparkle nails! I'll be one toasty and hot mama!

Come out to Local Color between 11 and 3, and check out the fun and festivities. Lots of my favorite local vendors will be there too, including Make Good, Colleen Townend and Boy Girl Party. There are all sorts of great things to do besides shop too, in case you are pinching your pennies. There's crafts for the kids, a gastrotruck, and an old fashioned photo booth. I can't wait, and think it will be an awesome day! See you there!

x, Val

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Chloe said...

I love all your things!