Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye control freak, hello faith

As we prepare for the start of a brand new year, I find myself pondering some of the quiet thoughts that were my constant companions over the past year. A few so called "friends" with names like Shame, Blame, and Unreal Expectations. Certain aspects of my past year have been particularly mind-breakingly hard... Do you know that feeling too? We're together in this, girlfriend...

I want to start a brand, spankin' new year off right, yes-siree! I am going to leave my 2011 brain baggage behind, leave it forever slowly spinning on the 2011 carousal. Yep. I will start my year with an open mind, with fresh Hope, fresh Faith, and looking towards new possibilities. I just can't wait!

Before I judge, I will listen (to my heart)
I will work towards speaking softly, and let Faith be my guide
I will smile more, and fret less
I will cheer each day as I awake with Hope in my heart
I will work to sooth away angry words and thoughts
And, I will let Nature be my spiritual healer.

I wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy New Year, and hope the blessings of the season reveal themselves to you, so that you can take the best of yourself into the brave new year!

x, Val


Marfa said...

Happy new year to you...more faith is a good idea! I hope for the same.

Kathleen Maunder said...

Happy New Year Val! I wish you a creative, happy year. :)

TUTU Monkey said...

Happy New Year Val..........CHEERS to a NEW YEAR!!!!