Friday, April 6, 2012

Scrap haps

I have to say that it's been bittersweet to see the end come so quickly to Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson's class, The Art of Wild Abandonment. Most days felt like I've been scrambling for time, but working so hard to fit in a bit of much needed messy painting, and art play. We all need time for art play, girls... I know you know what I mean!

Much of our class went way beyond the boundaries of paint on canvas. Yep, it was all about being wild and abandoning traditions, and I truly loved every minute. I especially loved how it gave me permission to paint and stitch "outside of the lines", for I am continuously trying to mesh my love for fiber in with my love for paint, and struggling to find the link between the two.

This week, I've been sidelined by a surgery on my leg that I thought wasn't going to be a big deal, but the painting and wild abandonment took a backseat to calmer crafts, where I could sit for a while in one quiet spot. This lovie Friendly has a band-aid patch on the leg, just like me (hehe!)

... along with button joints at the arms. Ok, too cute! Lots of studious stitching-up from my scrap bin was in order, while other pressing tasks lay in wait for the healing to get a bit further along...

Well, except for Lola... who just can't believe that I'm in the photography mode, and won't I please hurry up and get her dinner???!!

Ok, all better now. Thanks Mom!

Happy scrap to you and yours. And Happy Easter too!
x, Val

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