Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Planning ahead for a busy weekend!

Two biggie fun events are coming up this weekend, and the first one that is so exciting is a Bloghop from my Art of Wild Abandonment girlfriends! 

We are going to share in each other's art worlds as we hop from blog to blog and see how the creativity has been flowing since being so inspired by Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson online class. You can hop along with us by visiting Claire's blog here, the first stop on the tour!

And the second is the Talmadge Art Show, happening this Sunday, May 6, from 10-4. Would you just lOOk at this super cute mailer?! And, in the top left corner... one of my Owl Cuties!! Whoot!! Here's where you can find out more about the Talmadge show, just click here.

I hope to see you one way or another this weekend... Hop by my blog, or come and pay me a visit at Talmadge! Happy Hopping!!

x, Val

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God's Little People said...

Oh dear, I'm so busy at the moment that I haven't even noticed any news about a Wild Abandonment blog hop - sounds terrific. The journey has actually gotten me on a completely different path sketching wise. I realised at the end of it that I enjoyed the process but it didn't really feel like "wild abandonment", so I took myself to task and let go of the controlled pen and brush stokes and fell in love with my own sketches and watercolor! Sounds funny, but I really did. I have a background with porcelain painting and calligraphy where perfection is a virtue but it has actaully been so stifling (the perfection part) that it's driven me to distraction sometimes. Anyhow... it actually caused me to make a brand new blog (it's only really a test page so far) called Little Heart Creations (littleheartcreations.blogspot.com).It's also caused me to auction off all my sewn creations on my blog (to cover expenses for a dental surgery of one of my stray cats). I love the idea of starting again with a clean and crisp canvas. I hope you're enjoying the Surface Patterning design class, I would so have loved to join in, but alas, hopefully later this year.
Hugs from Joan