Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revamping my logo all by myself...

Thanks to Lilla Rogers, and all her incredible teaching talent in the MATS class, I am reminded of my strengths... I am a traditional artist. I am just not a digital artist. I have resisted going down the digital path all these years. But as our collective world becomes more deeply enmeshed with the ease and beauty of working digitally, I fear I must succumb.

I began with one of my favorite images of a (what else?) bird. *rolling eyes*. I uploaded it to PicMonkey, my favorite photo editing software, and so easy to use! I put a mask over the photo (above), see the clouds at the top?

 Then I put that photo into a collage, and added a decorative pattern screen from PicMonkey's database. 

After that, I added text, and made sure it read properly when I reduced the size to 200px square. I also changed my tag line from "Felt Art With Flair" to "Illustrations With Flair"... Lilla has got me thinking again. "felt art" might limit what other's think I am capable of creating... (Thank you, Lilla!)

Lastly, I added a sweet craft paper border, and colored it blue to match the colors in my piece. 

This is just SO ME, and makes be bubble up with happiness!

So, this "old dog" is learning a few new tricks, and NOT keeping them hidden :o) I have already put this as my email signature, and am going to incorporate it everywhere else I can. Yay!

x, Val

PS. Further updates ... I am so hooked!

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