Monday, January 4, 2016

A brand new creative year ahead!

Happy New Year, Happy 2016!

I am formulating a few creative goals this year. They are still unfolding as I write this. I find doing this exercise extremely valuable. It serves as a good life and creative guide for my whole new year, for when I'm going along and feel stuck, or just unmotivated, I can reflect on my goals for the year and I can redirect myself. Win win :o)

So far, I am committed to these things for 2016:
  • Choosing the right word for me in 2016. I've narrowed it down to love (as in taking and using care in every aspect of my daily life), or kindness (following up with the Kindness Project I began last summer), or courage (but I think I used this word really well back from 2012 - 2014, before I started setting yearly intentions). 
  • Devoting myself back to my beloved needle felted birds. The one above was created last week, during my thinking process. It is actually so lovely in person that it takes my breath away every time I see it. My, oh my.
  • Working on taking my needle felting up a notch. I am dedicated to getting into one of the American Craft Council shows within the next couple of years. (I'm speaking my intentions out loud here!!!)
  • Sticking with ME. Meaning, I will be taking those things that have worked well for me, and working on them further. Focusing less on listening to others, and less time taking classes taught by others telling me what to do. I think I'm on a path to put all those lessons and ideas into action (whew, finally!)
  • Spending time developing those ideas I have wanted to put into action over the last two years. More online patterns, kits, and ways to share my ideas and love of craft with others. This is gonna be GOOD!
  • Being proud to speak out by sharing my voice, my craft, and my intentions with others. Recently, I have been working on doing this, and it's been going really well. Plus, I have been booked for a creative workshop! Wow! I think it's finally time to really shine :o)

How about you? Have you set some creative intentions (or otherwise) for 2016? I'd love to hear (if you are willing to share, that is). Leave me a comment. Let's do this together. It's a wonderful and brave way to start the new year!


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