Saturday, January 6, 2018

Oh, Hello 2018!

2018! Well, that was quick. Where did you come from? We turned our backs for a minute, and suddenly, here you are!

                Lovely, luscious days pass; spring, summer, winter, and fall.
                Nights so dark, filled to the brim with dreams of my heart.
                Heaven and earth spin slow, then faster -
                Here we are suddenly, a new year at hand...

Sitting and pondering a new year. What dreams do I have? What are my goals? Is there a word of the year this year? (One can only use the same word - Trust - for so long!) It seems it is time to shake things up a bit.

My children are older now. TAY Youth is the language we use where I work - Transitional Age Youth, or that period between early teens and young adults. I joined an online workout group filled with young moms, and it helps me remember that time in my life. People told me my children would grow up quickly and the time would fly by fast. Man, they weren't kidding!

My #best9 from 2017 on Instagram

My husband and I aren't empty nesters yet. Though our youngest son has gone off to college, there are still needs and growing up decisions to make. Some made successfully, some with a teenage brain still in the driver's seat! I think the model of teens going off to college is quite nice. It's a gradual sort of leaving home. By the time they are at home for summer or winter break and then it's time to return to school, and though you know you will miss them madly, it's kind of nice seeing them head back to school. And then you get your life back to yourself for a while. 😊

Our older son and his girlfriend, who is living with us too now - it seems we've GAINED another - 🙄  they are taking a bit of a different path. Well, life is certainly always an adventure, isn't it?! My husband and I have always known this one just needs more time. It's all good...

My word of the year seems to be emerging and I think it will be this one: 
I have always been a pretty passionate person in many aspects of my life. I think this year I am looking for more purposeful passion. Meaning taking the job I am doing, whether it is hard or easy, fun or less than, I want to bring a passionate approach to all things I allow into my life this year. Whether it's something I am doing at home, at work, or in my studio, I really want to feel the passion in the doing. 

Do you have a word of the year this year? Please let me know by leaving a comment!

My goals and dreams for the year are also formalizing. Though I am now working full time in my job at NAMI San Diego and loving the work I am doing so incredibly much, I have many goals and refinements I hope to put in place for Val's Art Studio. I have been paying attention to the pieces I create that seems to bring the most meaning to myself and others - this is the passion! 

Several shops that have represented my work have sadly closed this year, and my artist co-op in Coronado where I show most of my work may also soon be closing. I am not sad or worried about these changes, for I know that something even better is right around the corner for me and for Val's Art Studio. I just can't wait to see what it will be!!! One thing for certain is change is constant, right?!

What about you? I'd love to catch up! I wish I had more free time so I could spend more time with you here in this space. Working really puts a dent in one's free time. I miss you so much, please know you are often on my mind!

Take good care. Happy New Year!