Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slow news day

A slow news day in Coronado
This is what happens when you live in a small town. From time to time there's not too much going on. As on this past Valentine's Day. In the local newspaper, there was the front page story about the sweet local couple who found each other late in life, and the story about the Coronado Hospital Foundation Gala dance, then the token story about local propositions and voting results. The other front page story, titled, "Jewelry Maker's Precocious Pins Are Precious Keepsakes", was about me and my fun creature pins! Wow... I am honored that The Coronado Eagle & Journal felt I am story-worthy enough for the front page! Even if we do live in a small town... To read the article, go to.... (no luck with the link, I'll get back to you on how you can see the article online. In the meantime, I can mail you the article if you are really serious about seeing it :o)

So the outcome of the newspaper article is that my pins have had a little resurgence. Also, a customer at Zazen, a store on First Street that sells my pins, ordered a custom design; a pug. Two pugs actually, one brown and one black. Oh my gosh, I think these are now my favorite pins! I'd better get busy and make more. What do you think of these guys? Too cute! (picture coming once Greg brings the camera back home - sorry! Check back very soon!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

For your romantic enjoyment, here's a picture of a statue we saw over the weekend on a ferry trip to San Diego. Kyle dubbed the statue, "Kissing Giants". We all laughed at his description of the statue as we walked up to it; "Oh great, here are some giants making out!" As you can see, the giants are truly huge. One doesn't want to accidentally get "under foot" around here!

Ahh, the day for love! Hearts and posies, singing birdies, sweetness and smiles, and of course, felted hearts. Do I feel the love in the air? ...Uh, unfortunately, no. I do not. What I do feel has more to do with hacking coughs, fevered heads, and a flu-sick kid. (sigh) What's a mom to do? I suppose the planning for a romantic Valentine evening might just have to be put off until, well, perhaps next year! I do hope your Valentine's Day is a bit brighter than what's going on around here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here we go!

Well, hello!
Okay, I'll admit that this all seems a bit intimidating, 
having a blog and all. But since I so enjoy reading other people's blogs, I've decided to just go ahead and march right into the world of blogging... So this is my attempt, my say so, and please, let me know if you think I'm on the right track!

Pincushions seem to run my life right now. Who knew 
pincushions had such a major life force inside those charming little bodies?! I find myself looking at pincushions, looking for pincushions, blissfully using my pincushions, cursing too small pincushions, and wondering if people will want to bring an ice cream cone pincushion into their humble abodes...? 

Speaking of which, the ice cream cone pincushion has reared it's creamy, swirled and decorated head, and is reigning supreme upon my household. In navigating away from other pincushion designs (which will remain nameless for certain unspoken reasons), I have happily hit upon a pincushion design that I am proud to feature on my website. The ultimate judge upon the final design being my completely unbiased, ice cream loving son, whose eyes lit up the moment I finished my first prototype model. With lip smacking certainty, I think this sweet design has the right amount of lusciousness written all over it!

Bored boy, and how it relates to a Creature Pin

The bored look of the pre-teen... ("Jeez, Mommmmm, just take the picture"). Many people have asked about my pins. "Where do I get the inspiration? What's it supposed to be? How do I get the eyes to look that way?" So, here are some answers; Look into the eyes of a pre-teen boy, and you will get so many ideas, so much inspiration! It's so easy; capitalize on your pre-teen's expressions, observe their boredom, listen to the sighing. This is what I've done, this is what has influenced what I've made, and this is what gets people talking and asking questions about my handiwork!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Art Studio blog. Please drop me a note and let me know what you think!