Thank you, Friends!

What would we do without our friends? First off, probably die, or go into some comatose state, or a deep depression perhaps. I know that's what I did when one of my best friends ever left and moved away... but that's a story for another day. For today, I want to say that I love all my friends, near and far, close to my heart, and those coming a little closer every day, as I get to know them (you :o) better. Hopefully, you know who you are. I'm sending a little happy thought your way... poof!

I'm finding the power of blogging and staying in touch with friends, clients, and those who just want to know more about you to be a powerful tool. So, today, I want to thank my blog friends. In case you don't know who you are, I will try to link to you so anyone who stumbles upon my blog can find out about you too. I hope I can link. Marcia told me how to link, so here goes: Marcia .... Hmmm, didn't work. Marcia Yes! It worked! So, now you can find out about Marcia, and her incredible world of beading. Marcia is an amazing bead artist, writer, teacher, and she is teaching us (Grove Girls) beading. I am just about finished with my Right Angle Weave Cuff. Will post picture soon...

The other thank you for today goes to: Tamerie of A Little Bit of This, That, and The Other. I met Tamerie last fall when I was working out my ideas for making purses from recycled sweaters. Tamerie came to the rescue when my fabrics got too fat to fit through my sewing
machine. Since Tamerie has industrial sewing machines in her workshop, she would surely be able to solve my dilemma. Low and behold, Tamerie's machine was no match for my thick group of sweater fabrics, and I had to resort to hand sewing. About broke my fingers, but I finally finished that purse! In the meantime, I've had the chance to get to know Tamerie, lucky 
me. Also, lucky for me, I have figured out the right recipe for thickening up the felted wool without adding bulk so my sweater fabric can fit through the sewing machine. I couldn't have done it without you, Tamerie! Here's that first purse in all it's thick glory.

Here's a picture of my current purse-in-progress. It's made out of a combination of a gorgeous Japanese sweater, (thanks to Jean, my Sweater Queen), handpainted wool, and an antique sweater donated lovingly by Pete Holmes' mom. Happily, it slips seamlessly through my
sewing  machine without a hitch (yea, Tamerie!) Jean is a dear, old friend, who recently relocated to the West coast. I am thrilled to have her amongst my easily visit-able California people. Jean is a wonderful artist
who explores the quirky side of life in her lush 
paintings. Jean also sweater shops for me, meaning she is a lover of thrift stores, and happily takes breaks from painting by sweater shopping for me. My, oh my, Jean finds the most fabulous sweaters. This recent Japanese sweater takes the cake, and I couldn't resist making it up into a new purse tout suite!
Okay, enough for tonight. More thank-yous coming soon. Please don't think I don't love you because I didn't mention you. I just didn't mention you YET!

A Bird In My Hand

Today, a hummingbird
flew right in my door, passed me in the kitchen, and into the living room. Oops, big problem when that happens. The top of the ceiling in the living room is about 25 feet high, and once a hummingbird starts flying around up at that hight, it's nearly impossible to get him down. About 30 minutes later and me chasing around with a broom and a step ladder, and we are both utterly exhausted. Well, I think this hummingbird was a baby, because he just kept flitting around in the window. I went over and actually got him to sit on my finger! Then, I cupped my hands around his tiny body, took him outside, opened my hands and away he flew. So sweet, that made my day. :o)

Happy Birthday Jeff!

February 16
Today marks the first birthday within our group of friends, the Pigs, or those born in the Year of the Pig; 1959. There are 5 of us turning 50 this year. Jeff, whose birthday is today (Happy Birthday Jeff! All the way to you in London), then Shawna is next on March 20th, followed by Greg on March 23rd. Then Nalini on August 23rd, and last will be me, on August 31st. Oops! I left out Barbie! Also turning 50 this year, though she really doesn't look it, damn her!! 

Waving a sad good bye to the decade of 40's ... Filled with fun, yet behaving responsibly. Laughter, though we've shed a few tears. Living to the fullest, though there have been a few losses. And prayers, there's been a few more of those. Our kids are growing up faster than we can comprehend (thus the reason for the extra praying... that we'll survive the next few years that is!) But all in all, a thankfulness for the time we've had together, the fun we've shared, and the good times on the horizon. Here's a toast to you Jeff! Have a wonderful day!

The Two Cutest Girls

Meet Anna and Emma
Establishing new clients and making them into new friends are some of my favorite things about having my own art studio. I had so much fun working with Barbara at Christmas time, and designing a pair of Candyland sweaters, with matching skirts and purses, for her beautiful granddaughters. She was so kind to send me a picture, and I can't resist sharing it with you. Sadly, Barbara and her husband will be moving away to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Who can blame them? Barbara, keep in touch. I can't thank you enough for the pleasure of getting to know you, and providing happiness amongst your beloved family. Happy move, and best of luck!

Kitting at Marcia's

Knitting or Kitting?
Did I tell you that my Knitting Girls have turned into Kitting Girls this week? We spent Tuesday at Marcia's ( helping her prepare beading kits for her upcoming beading shows and classes. Man, that woman has talent, and beads! She just returned from Tucson and the big bead show there. So, amongst the kitting preparation, Gail, Susan and I learned how to Right Angle Weave, and are in progress with our first bracelet in the sparkliest combination of fire polish, and glass polish, and finished off by a big giant Swarovski crystal. Believe me, you will see me coming when I have this puppy finished and wrapped around my wrist! Here's a picture of mine "in progress":

Marcia has decided to take up all under her wing, along with Judy, and teach us the fine art of beading. We have declared this year the "Year of the Bead", and are starting things off in fine fashion with this lovely project. It's all very exciting, and hard to do anything but get back to those sparkly jewels that keep calling oneself away from any other imaginable task... Must - get - back - to - beading - - - - 

Take a Class and Make Your Own Mrs Beetons

Mrs. Beeton Class Offering At The Grove
Hooray! Now you can learn to make your very own pair of Mrs Beeton wristwarmers by signing up for a class at the Grove. Find out all the necessary information by visiting this link: I am excited  to teach this class, and hope to see you there!