Hey! Hi! Hello!

How are you, and how has life been treating you lately? 

I am so jazzed about my new and evolving situation over here at the San Diego Made Factory, and cannot tell you how happy I am here in my new studio. In fact, my new studio is now my even NEWER studio! I spent the first 6 months trying things out in a tiny 10' x 11' studio, which was of course fine, but it was cramped. Cramped I tell you, in fact my nickname for my studio was "Studio Sardine".... all right, it was functional, but only just so. For instance, if someone would have reached out to me telling me they just did a load of spring cleaning and were planning to donate 100 sweaters to me, I would have to politely decline. UGH! There was simply no way I could accommodate 100 sweaters into my Studio Sardine! 

Here is the original Studio Sardine:

Yes, it was tidy, cute, and very well organized. I will say that! And so did those of you who have come to visit. But a girl can only do so much when being creative is her thing, and so I had to e-x-p-a-n-d.

And expand, I did! I moved across the hall to a studio that is almost TWICE the size as Studio Sardine! Take a look:

This is just ONE HALF of my amazing studio!

And, each month on the Second Saturday, we have a fun Open Studio party in the afternoon. I am always open, because I like to meet the peeps - and this means you! So, just so you know, you are always invited. Mark your calendar for an upcoming 2nd Saturday at about 3-4 pm, and come for a visit. You will see my a-m-a-z-i-n-g giant studio, and maybe you can even help me name it. "Studio Sardine" is officially RIGHT OUT!

Take care, and hope to see you soon. 😀


Studio Move to the SD Made Factory!

Well, hello there! I'm not sure how many of you still check in here since I only post on this blog about twice a year now (sheesh), but if you're here, I am happy you've clicked over. 😃

A big studio move is coming up for me, so the photo above shows 1/2 of my studio in what's certain to become a much more disheveled state. This makes me feel so anxious! So much so that I decided to turn my back and write a blog post. Yikes... that just shows how much I use avoidance during difficult tasks 😜

My new studio space is going to be A M A Z I N G but it is about 2/3 the size of my current space, so my painting area you see in the back corner of the room is going to have to go. I spend most of my studio time needle felting anyway, but it's always nice to know I can paint whenever I fancy. 

My new space will be in the San Diego Made Factory, and I am thrilled to have a studio in a shared artist / maker building. There will be plenty of opportunity for open studios (yay!) and shows at the Factory that I can participate in without having to pack up my entire booth and haul it off to a venue. I think this is going to allow me to grow in a new way, and may pave the way for one of my long time dreams to shape up... having my own maker retail shop! 

In all cases, I hope to be able to post more regularly and let you know of the SD Made Factory events in hopes you will come visit when you're in the area. Please stay tuned and check back and I hope to see you at a Factory event very soon!