Thursday, December 8, 2011

Handmade gift giving, an easy Tutorial!

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Hey there! How is the holiday season treating you so far? I hope you are not feeling overwhelmed with it quite yet - it's too soon! I just try to take one day at a time, and do things now, rather than waiting til later. Somehow, most things manage to get done!

I thought I'd offer a quick and very easy tutorial on an easy-to-make handmade gift; kitchen hand towels! Everyone uses them, and everyone is always up for having a few that are especially cute. Plus, they make wonderful hostess gifts, or girl-friend gifts!

As you may know, I am a big lover of Spoonflower, a special online shop where you can upload your designs and make them into fabric. What fun! Well, you can also shop from about a million other fabric designers, and find some fantastic art fabric you'd never find in your local fabric store. Take a look at this fantastic print I stumbled upon... I knew I just had to make something with these fun designs:
Designcrafty's 4 fat quarters pattern can be found here. *Update: Oh no... this pattern is no longer available :o( For an equally fun Spoonflower site, visit DennisTheBadger's page: here, or click here to see a page of kitchen inspired fabrics.
I ordered the yardage in the Linen/Cotton blend, which is a wonderful weight, just right for tea towels. I cut the 4 quarters apart, double folded under each edge, and ironed flat.

I used some of the salvaged edge fabric to make a hanging tab by folding the cut edges into the middle and machine stitching the open edge closed. (*Note: you can also use white Bias Tape for this step, which means no extra folding and ironing... bonus!) I then cut this into 4" long pieces, and pinned them into the backside corners so they would be sewn in once I stitched the towels up.

1-2-3, easy as pie! Well, easier in fact... once I got rolling, I could make a tea towel from start to finish in about 15-20 minutes.

Fold them in a cute way, and tie a sweet ribbon around them, and they are all ready for gift giving. Now, you are free to go visit with your girlfriends and enjoy that cup of tea :o)

Happiest of the holidays to you!

x, Val


Bead-Mused said...

Cute, cute cute! And easy! Thanks so much.

debb said...

These are adorable- love those prints- great idea!

Beverly Herman said...

Love the tutorial. It's a great gift idea!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Great fun and so easy.

Rose Red said...

What an easy gift to make and I love the fabrics you've used.

Francesca Watson said...

What a super easy gift idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

judy c said...

Very cool idea for gifts! Thank you.
And it is getting to be last minute shopping time....

One Woman said...

Really cute! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Wagner said...

Oh these are very nice, great idea!

Karen Firnberg said...

Great prints. Now if I just had a working sewing machine.

Skye said...

this makes me wish I could sew worth a darn >.< I even have a little sewing machine but it hates me. Seriously, my ex could get the thing to work no problem but me it hates lol Even so, reading your blog makes me want to pull it out and try and make friends again lol

Valerie said...

Can't thank you all enough for the blog love :o) It makes my heart happy :o)

Non-sewing girls, have no fear! Go to your local sewing or craft store, and there is such a thing as sewing sticky tape that you can iron in place of having to sew hems. It's magic, and works great! Don't be afraid to give that a try.

Happy non-sewing!
x, Val

Alya Khaira Nazhifa said...

lol i love it :3

DeeSteeves said...

I took the Heart Necklace class at Papertales and had such a wonderful time. I went home with a wearable piece of art and now love the new craft of felting. Thanks you so muchf or your knowledge and patience.