A Springtime Class at Paper Tales!

I sent this photo to Michelle at Paper Tales, and she called me right away, "Oh MY God!!! This has got to be the cutest thing you have EVER made!" Oh my golly, how I do agree! Yep... most people send their kids to school with a lunch box. Mine? I send them with a 4 page court order to "Stay Put". Ummm, it's a long story, but the message is clear: the more difficult my life, the cuter the needle felted creations become...

So, the class date is St. Patties Day, March 17, from 12-5 pm. I promise I will serve green cookies, and will allow a break for lunch... That is if you really want to take a break, Lol! Most times, those 5 hours fly by in a flash, and we are left wondering where the time went. It is all together too much fun! And if you need a break from fun, sweet springtime bunnies, and magic, then I will bring you back down to real life, and explain just what a "Stay Put" order is all about. Wow, I'm learning more than I ever thought I would about the undercurrent of the school system, and how things are really done there...

So, give Paper Tales a call to sign up. And remember to bring your needle felting tools! This class only requires the foam mat, a set of Fine needle felting needles by Clover, a pair of sharp scissors, and the "pink pen" style needle holder (optional). And just one more thing... The roving I used on the bunny is all used up, so we will be using something different. Have no fear, your bunny will be every bit as adorable as this one... I promise!

See you on St. Patties Day!
xx, Val

One Hot Mess

Rather, I should say 5 of them... Five big hot messy canvases staring me down whenever I walk into my studio. I just thought I'd take a moment to document the ones I am actually comfortable sharing with you. The others are even crazier and zanier than these are!

The canvases above and below are the same. The photo below shows the image, whatever the heck it is - some sort of floral and leaf arrangement- after adding white and black, and some electric translucent colors...

And then this one. Words just escape me at this point....

I should mention I am a very good direction-follower, and am trying to go through Flora's prompts as she takes us. Um, so that's what it is all about over here...

Ok, back to the hot mess. Wish me luck.

It's all topsy turvy in my artist brain right now

Do you ever get that way too? The organized side of my brain is all about sewing things professionally, then needle felting them with perfection, and paying attention to getting things "just so". Then, when I get myself in front of the painting easel with a brush in hand and paint on the palette, things just go all haywire... 

For me, painting is about the Not Knowing, it's "venturing out" and all 'going-with-the-flow'. It works me over, and even though I struggle with it, I crave the process like a dog craves a bone....

An under painting by Val Hebert, from Flora Bowley's Bloom True class

My art journey began when I was young. My first teacher was my mom. My mom's schedule in my earliest memory was like this:
Go into the woods with friends and gather pods. Return home and make pod art ensemblages. Go to fabric store and get enough supplies to make curtains or a dress. Go home and sew. Try painting classes. Give up and declare "I have no painting talent!" Instead, paint the room a different color. Sew up new curtains, and give the room a whole new look. Move the furniture around. Then take up wallpapering. Go into business wallpapering friends homes. Drink lots of beer. (Wallpapering works up a thirst!) Lol! Remember I said this is an early memory, like before I was 5!
So, this week, here I am sewing. Then cleaning everything up to paint. Then cleaning everything up to sew... I don't sense a good trend here. I find myself falling back to sewing and needle felting because its predictable, safe, and easy for me to do. When I paint, I am groveling at the painting easel, and asking for divine intervention... Just let my inspiration flow... please... flow.... Ugh! These colors are killing me. Things seem muddy, bland, too predictable. I can certainly see its time for me to paint, and if I'm smart, I will just pack the sewing away for now. 

Perhaps divine intervention will find a way to take over my bleak hesitation. Yes, this is what I've missed. This is what I need. This is why I paint...

I'm taking Flora Bowley's Bloom True online class, and even though it may sound like I'm not enjoying it, I'm actually loving it, along with all the frustrations and unease the paint puts in my way... 

Grrrr... Paint, I will warn you: I will win!!!

x, Val

A Heartfelt Art Show + a Visit with the Wild Art Sisters!

It's always good to have things to look forward to, don't you agree? I love the excitement of trying something new, even if it's just a variation of something I did before.

Tonight is the art opening of the Heartfelt show at Sophie's Gallery, from 5-8pm. If you are in the NTC Liberty Station area, I hope you will stop by to see some of my new creations, including some special needle felted Hoop art, and a few new adorable sweaters, and some special new Valentine Toast... extra cute + more :o)

Then, next Tuesday, Feb 5, we are having a Wild Art Sisters art meet up with Ms. Junelle Jacobsen, of Yes and Amen! We are all heading to Laguna Beach, CA and showing up at Zinc Cafe for a fun, artsy meet up! I cannot wait, and it will be such a treat to meet Missy Lamb photographer, and "Wild Artsy Fun" Junelle in person. You are more than welcome to join us, but please RSVP so we can count you in. Leave me a comment and I will make sure to get you added to the list!

Hope to see you!
x, Val