Little favorites

Hi there!

I was planning to show you a few of the custom pet pillows I've finished lately, but when I looked into my photo folder, I spied these recently finished woodland hoops and knew I had to share these first. So, I hope you enjoy these little critters. There will be more woodland animals added to this collection soon. I'm thinking a mouse might be next. 😊

I start with a simple sketch and then transform them by "painting" them onto fabric... Really, what I'm doing is needle felting. Then I add some embroidery stitching to give them added details and set them into a wooden embroidery hoop frame. I love each one and keep promising myself a pair to hang in my own home ... one day soon... promise!

This Mr. Squirrel is holding an acorn from a California scrub oak. My husband met with a native plant expert and brought back a twig. Leave it to me to snatch the acorn and incorporate it into my art!  😀