Simplifying 101

Back in January, I told myself and the world that I would be simplifying my life after the first of the year, and after what always seems to be the busiest holiday season yet. Even though it's been difficult to do so, I have said "no" to several shows and events. I have allowed all the Mother's Day show deadlines to come and go... I didn't bat an eye at saying "not this time", though did feel a wee pang in my heart.

This is kinda how I feel right now... and, indeed, little quiet bunnies are all I have been able to make as of late. I am a quiet bunny right now as I wait the fate of something big, and celebrate many workings of things great, yet small. Life is funny that way, isn't it?

This sweet quiet bunny will be offered as a class at Paper Tales on May 18 from 2-5 pm. I hope you will hop on over and join me as we enjoy the quiet, meditative task of needle felting, sewing and stuffing full of fiber. It will be worth every quiet minute. :o)

And, a needle felted bear class is on the schedule for May 5th too... you can find info on that right here.

x, Val