Super cute Lambie class a huge success!

If I wrote for the newspaper, this would be my headline story and photo of the day: 

"Needle Felters Create The Cutest Flock of Lambs Ever!"

Can you believe this cuteness?! Yesterday was the Lambie class, and it was a big success. I love how everyone's lamb has its very own personality. Looks at those legs! Those cheeks! The ears??!! Really???! 


You all were such hard workers, and great students, and we had so much fun!

Thank you, Sheryl, Shelly, Dana, Charlene, Heidi (back row) and Debbie, Ellen and Faith! (front row). You all are the reason I keep teaching, I love it so :o)


PS. If you don't live in Southern CA, and still want to take a needle felting class, my Hello Felt online class will be launching very soon. Visit this link to find out more, and to sign up to be on the waiting list!