Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take a Sweet Peek

Sweet, Sassy, Sleepy...

=^_^= Hi there!

Perhaps you are a new visitor 'round these parts, and are a little curious about what goes on over here in Val's Art Studio. No sleepin' on the job! I am busy, busy, busy with the sewing, the creating, needle felting, thinking, drawing, painting, cutting, ironing, and the dreaming (most important step!).

Sassy critters, sweet singing birdies, crazy monkies, sleepy kitties... yep! You can find all that and more 'round here. What's most exciting is that they are all finding a home on recycled

and refashioned wool sweaters. The rounding
up of the old throw-away sweaters (coming mostly from donations and my special sweater shoppers- Thank you!!) is a very exciting part of the process. Open up a box postmarked "Colorado", and low and behold, warm and cozy woolens! Open a box from Aptos, Ca, and I might discover the finest of Japanese sweater cast-aways. Ohhh, what to make? What to do??

Toss them into the washer, and a spin in the dryer. Here they come, transformed like magic into a whole new being; felted! Off to sit and be pondered, then under the sewing scissors,
where the old sweaters become a new sweater, or maybe a purse, or a cuff, or a pillow...No one knows for sure, certainly not me! But soon they are transformed, and then they are whisked along to be placed under the needle- ...The needle felting needle, that is! Roving, fluff, yarn, embroidery floss. It may cause a stir and a sneeze or two, but what emerges is definitely a pleasure and a cause for a smile.

When you are in San Diego, take a visit to the lovely beach resort town of Coronado (just over the bridge), and stop in and take a look at my needle felted art creations at Austin's Gallery. Let me know if you need directions, or a suggestion for lunch or a spot to sip a glass of wine. You can generally find me at Austin's on Friday mornings between 11 and 2. I look forward to meeting you one day soon :o)

*Please visit this post for a more recent update. Thank you for your interest in what I do!



TUTU Monkey said...


Those kitties are so cute!!

Cindy said...

Wow, I am so impressed with what you do with needle felting. This is something new to me so I enjoyed your explanation of what you do. Sure wish I could visit the gallery in Coronado!

sharon said...

I always wanted to try needle felting, but I have soooo many things on my "want to do" list!!! Your work is incredible, I just love the birds, OMG, they are beautiful, as are your sweaters! Your "Loves with all her Heart" print is on my favorites is gorgeous. I just loooove your work!

Valerie said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, girls. Just so you know, you can also find my work at Hello Bluebird in West Reading, PA, and at Art N' Soul on 101 in Encinitas, CA. I hope you can manage a visit, because photos don't really do these sweaters justice. They are truly magical in real life. :o)
-x, Val