Teeny Tiny Summertime World

Whew! Glad that Giveaway is over. I'm not used to getting so many comments on my blog, and was actually stressing out a bit. Silly girl! In times of stress, what's one to do? Why, needle felt a tiny scene, is what! Here's my latest "Teeny Tiny". I call it "Summertime".

You can get a better sense of the scale with my hand in the picture.

Look at this silly little clothesline! (My husband thinks I've gone off the deep end!)

Here's the backyard. I was thinking of adding a teeny tiny dog, but
then I came to my senses. Sometimes, things actually get too small.

Hope you are having a brilliant holiday weekend, and enjoying it in a really BIG way!

x, Val

And the Pincushion Giveaway Winners are.......!

,#1: Magpie Shinies!-#26 on the True Random Generator(but I couldn't make the winning number show up on my post .... grrrh

Winner: Magpie Shinies

Those are adorable!
Kimberlee at Magpie Shinies
kimbahleigh666 at gmail dot com

#2: Robin Scott!-#36 on the True Random Generator

Winner: Robin said...

follow you on twitter
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

#3: Dana!-#9 on the True Random Generator

Winner: Dana said...

I am so excited about your pin cushion giveaway!! I have been drooling over them since our class! =) http://www.danadooner.blogspot.com/

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all so much for participating! Winners, email me at ValsArt@me.com with your addresses so I can get these cutie pie pincushions in the mail to you. Also, let me know what your favorite color is and I'll do my best to find roses you will like :o)

-x, Val

Yes Please, Miss

That dolly, Miss. Yes, that one there. miss, can you make another one for me, and make it look a bit like my sweet girl? She's got brown hair and eyes, and a smile as sweet as sugar. Miss, it's her birthday soon, and she'd so love a dolly just like that!

What's a girl to say to that? Why, YES, of course! Yes, yes, yes. So, the dolly came together in one whoosh of fabric messiness, and sewing stitch-stitch-stitches, and stuffing puffs, needle felting face love, embroidery stitches, capped off by wonderful crochet flowers I found at Paper Tales for $1.50 a packet.
(A deal 'cause I didn't have to crochet them myself... and the colors were perfect!)

Missy Dolly has gone to live with her new friend, but she won't be revealed until this weekend, upon a brand new "big girl bed", which is going to be a fantastic surprise too. Ahhh, to be a sweet little miss again, clapping hands in joy over a big girl bed, and a sweet dolly to love.

Enjoy sweet girl. You are so lucky and loved by a mommy who will order up a dolly who looks a tiny wee bit like you :o)

The Pincushion Giveaway will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. Get those last minute names in quick!!!!

Giveaway Update

I am listed on this great site, Blog Giveaways, which features a TON of Giveaways every week, if you are into that sort of thing! Of course, if you are a regular bloggy reader, one knows you could easily spend your ENTIRE day reading and entering into blog giveaways... it's not too pretty.
Blog Giveaways
On another note, I have had a great response to my Giveaway, but I want MORE! (Why is it always that way?!) So, if you are an entering fool (and I know you are), I am offering a way for you to get BONUS POINTS! This is actually due to one very generous contestant, Dana, who posted a lovely and moving tribute to one of my classes on her blog. So, she gets Bonus Points! I was thrilled to hear how Dana felt about her afternoon at Val's Art Studio. Thank you, Dana!! A mention on your blog or Facebook page would suffice, but if you write an entire post, yes! you get BONUS POINTS (2). (And make sure to leave me a comment linking back to your post...) Hooray! So, get busy, Girls :o)

It's A Giveaway!!

Yes! ... In honor of finishing up a big order with a new gallery (including many pincushions), I am hosting a Pincushion giveaway! I will be giving away 3 Pincushions, so there are many opportunities for you to win one of these cutie pies!!! Perfect for you sewing fanatics, beading peeps, pincushion collectors, or fans of all things cute... this pincushion brings a happy cheer to any space.

There are many different ways to win, and it's possible for you to enter up to 5 times. Here's how:

-Leave a comment on this blog for one entry.
-For another chance to win, head over to my Etsy shop, and tell me what your favorite item is in my shop. Leave me your answer in the comments.
-For yet another chance to win, "like" my new Facebook page. Check it out here!
-Post about my giveaway on your blog, and that gets you another entry... make sure to leave me a link to your post in the comments!
-Follow me on Twitter, you get another entry! Remember to leave me a note in the comments...

So, there you have it! The winners will be chosen next
Friday, May 27th. Good luck!!!

Coronado's History Matters!

The Wells House, "Let History Speak", painted for the Coronado Historic Home Tour, 2011

History matters so much, and that's one reason why I am so happy to be invited to be a Plein Air painting artist at Coronado's Historic Home Tour each year. It's the one thing I feel my paints can speak loudly about, and I am so happy to be the artist to paint them.

I am so worried about the fabric of my lovely home town, Coronado. It's beautiful and historic homes are being bulldozed at an alarming rate. Once they are gone, they're gone for good. New crackerjack construction built in the name of "progress" and under the auspices of "larger square footage", cry of mediocracy and sadly
reek of greedy lowball construction.

There are a few notable construction companies in Coronado who do really fine work. I am always so impressed by the care and concern of one (unnamed) company, who lately offers the buyer of an old home a package which (for a tidy sum) includes a complete building renovation all the way down to the studs and foundation work. Their finished projects speak of care and compassion towards Coronado's historic character. If only every historic property in Coronado could attain this level of attention.

In bringing my message to people who care for historic homes, and in being able to talk with them during the tour, in being able to see their appreciation for my work, and appreciating their support in buying my paintings and prints, I feel I am doing my part. It makes my heart glad to stand up for the buildings that have stood up for us over these last 100 years. In painting them, I feel I am protecting them. In naming them, I announce their praises. I am in love with these places of beauty, and wish to bring love back to them by way of appreciation. Don't tear them down, cherish them, and build them up. Add on to them in a sensitive manner. Respect their heritage. They have much to tell, if you'll just take the time to really listen...

The painting I worked on during this year's tour,
The Hughes House on 8th and A Ave.

This is a commissioned work I just finished for
the proud owners of The Purvis Home on C Ave.

(The Giveaway post is coming up very soon... I promise!)

My Budding Artists

Today I'm so proud to feature my rising glass star artist, ... my son, Drew. These are three of the 6 pieces he made during his very first blowing glass lesson. They are incredible...

Wow, give a kid a choice, and he will go to town. Andy Cohn, Drew's glass blowing teacher, said we should be really impressed with the work Drew is turning out. Not knowing what to expect from glass blowing (one art form I have never attempted), I replied "He's got it in his blood!" Well, it's true. I am so proud of him!! Andy is so impressed, and said she's never had a student like Drew before, who just steps right in like he knows what he's doing... at his age, no less! (He just turned 15)

We put several pieces for sale at Austin's Gallery, (in hopes he can start putting some $ towards his lessons!), and he was so funny. He called me within 30 minutes of putting them in the gallery to see if anything had sold yet :o) I'm not sure we even had a customer in that 30 minute timeframe. I told him that Father's Day is right around the corner, plus, there are many people that collect paperweights!

Later this month, Drew, Kyle and I are set to start taking ceramics, another art form I haven't tried. I'm certain it will have it's challenges (mainly for me... I'm not big on caked mud hands :o), but I'm so excited to see what more my artsy boys will create. Kyle is my amazing drawing artist. I will post photos of Kyle's work very soon.

And, stay tuned, for I'm planning a giveaway later this week!! I have been working nonstop on an order for a new gallery in Arizona I'm going into, and one line I've worked on nonstop for 5 days... making a whole batch... one might just come your way! Check back very soon!

We are all good enough

... just the way we are.

I have watched this video about a hundred times over the last couple of days, and I actually think it's beginning to set into my consciousness... Last night, I stood my ground, gave my reasons, did not feel inadequate or shamed by myself and my beliefs. My reasons are heartfelt, they understood my side, agreed to my stance, and I felt so dang powerful! Who-hoo! These life lessons can be so tricky when we are dealing with ourselves. Lordy, really; I am 50 years old, and I feel like I have a lifetime of learning still to do... Thank goodness I have Brene Brown during times of stress to help me out over here!

So, well, here she is... enjoy. And I really don't mind if you sit there and watch it about 100 times. You will get more from it each time. I know. I speak from experience on this one...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

... from me, Val, and the Friendlys :o)

We are feeling very friendly over here on this Mother's Day, 2011, and are wishing your Mother's Day is extra special too. It doesn't matter whether you are the Mom to a brood, a few, or a cat, or a fish, or even just a house of books... We are wishing a day full of special cheer and relaxation coming your way.

I will be a busy Plein Air painting artist at the Coronado Historic Home Tour, so my day will be filled with doing what I love best. Though I have to admit, the weather is due to be spitty and gloomy, which puts a damper on my spirit... those sorts of days are best suited in the studio stitching up Friendlys. Wondering now if I will need to take an umbrella.... dress in woolies, wonder if my paints will be smeared with raindrops? We will keep the chin up over here, and paint our way through Mother's Day.

Loving this furry face!
xx, Val

A Video and The Dress

I hope you are able to enjoy the video. I do apologize, I know it's not easy to hear what's being said, or to take the slight wobble of my iPhone while taping. Ok, I might be good at needle felting, but videography is definitely not my strength! I was hoping Channel 6 News might put up a link so we can view the professional version, but I think we were a pretty small time news story. So, turn up the volume - all the way up - and turn off any distractions in order to hear our tiny mouse voices... And yes, that's the Dress. Though I think I might have put on a wee few lbs since I wore it on that promising evening. Such is the life, right?! Again, that professional photo quality... not my strength. Well, this is better than nothing!

And please say a small prayer for sweet Linda. She nearly didn't make the taping due to her poor dog being on his death bed. Bless her heart, she had to be cheerful for the camera, then had to head to the vet where she had to put her sweet Toby down. How she did this, I'll never know...