Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pattern Perfected

**Update: Here is the link to be able to purchase this pattern: click here. I couldn't figure out how to rework the link on my Ravelry page, so I'm sorry but you will just have to keep clicking links. I promise, you are almost there!

The pattern for Cathy's Chemo Cap has been reworked and I am excited that it is now good to go! I like this version much better than the first one. This cap is so lovely that I will be making one for me to wear when I'm having a bad hair day. It's comfortable, cool, easily adjustable with the cotton tie band, fashionable, and well, I think it's quite pretty too!

The other thing that I was considering is if you do not knit. The band could be modified, and made from any stretchy fabric. You could buy two stretchy headbands, and sew them together, or you could buy a knit fabric from the fabric store, and make it using that.

In any case, this pattern is now available for purchase in my etsy shop for a very affordable price of $8.00, and will come as an immediate download once you purchase the pattern. The link is here: pattern  The pattern is for sale, but if anyone wants the pattern for free because they can't afford buying the pattern to make for themselves, then I will give it to them (or you) for free. ***PLEASE NOTE: The free pattern offer is available ONLY for a single use option, for the person suffering from hair loss. Requests for multiple use/making the pattern for groups, etc. does not qualify for a free pattern request. Please leave me a message here, or email me at Though I'd like to be paid for my efforts to design this pattern, it's important to me to help people in need. To especially help anyone who is faced with all that goes along with cancer treatments, and the angst of loosing one's hair. I am here to help in whatever manner I can. Thanks to you, too, for caring

Please note: this pattern is intended for one time use, meaning I ask you make it for yourself and/or a friend, but you do not make it to sell or intend to distribute. The pattern is copyrighted, and all rights remain with Val's Art Studio. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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swellknits said...

Yes, this one looks perfect! I like the way you narrowed the head band and the way you pulled the fabric in. From the back, it almost looks like you have long hair. I'm sure it will help your friend feel beautiful and feminine during this difficult time.