Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

For your romantic enjoyment, here's a picture of a statue we saw over the weekend on a ferry trip to San Diego. Kyle dubbed the statue, "Kissing Giants". We all laughed at his description of the statue as we walked up to it; "Oh great, here are some giants making out!" As you can see, the giants are truly huge. One doesn't want to accidentally get "under foot" around here!

Ahh, the day for love! Hearts and posies, singing birdies, sweetness and smiles, and of course, felted hearts. Do I feel the love in the air? ...Uh, unfortunately, no. I do not. What I do feel has more to do with hacking coughs, fevered heads, and a flu-sick kid. (sigh) What's a mom to do? I suppose the planning for a romantic Valentine evening might just have to be put off until, well, perhaps next year! I do hope your Valentine's Day is a bit brighter than what's going on around here.

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