Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Hopefully Changed

I think I changed the setting so you can respond to my blog. Please try to send me a message by clicking on the Comment link so I can see if it's working properly! The link to the right of Comment will send a personal email to me.

Taxes On Friday

This whole idea of taxes and paying taxes is, well... taxing to me. (Sorry, I just couldn't help that. Nalini would appreciate it). I have been purposefully avoiding tax preparations (sorry to Greg for that... at least our garage door is newly painted!) This Friday is the day we visit our tax preparer, Connie. I am always happy to see Connie, but I just grit my teeth at the whole tax situation. In order to keep myself sane, I just sit there and knit the whole time. It may seem rude that I'm knitting, but it's the way I can answer the questions calmly and politely (calmly being the operative word here). I wonder how Connie and Greg would feel about me taking out my pincushion making bin, and covering Connie's desk with bits of felt! Anything for keeping my sanity. One thing I know; in the future when it's my time for going to the afterlife, at least there will be NO taxes there! 

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