Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Few More Hawaii Pics

Kauai, The Garden Island
A color not found in nature-? What?
Who? My HAIR, how dare you! 
...I think the color ADDS to the natural beauty of the surroundings. Why, nature almost pales in comparison to the lovely shade of my coloring! (sigh- He really doesn't know what he's talking about, does he??!) Oh, go sit on a rock!! Well, I still love you anyway, Honey. Even if you do find the color of my hair a bit shocking and outlandish. I just have to keep up with these modern times. That, and, well, I LIKE the wonderful shade of mahogany red, and how it glows beautifully out in nature. (So there!)

The photo at the top left is of Drew and Greg when they were directed to the stage to perform the Hula up in front of a crowd of about 500. Notice how Greg managed to get to the back edge of the stage! Greg and I are posing at the entrance to the wet cave, which is located at the North end of the island by Hanalei, just before the end of the paved road. Drew and Kyle were finished with our tour guide efforts, and they refused to get out of the car to see the caves. We had fun on our own! Aloha from the Heberts!

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gruff said...


Loved your pictures. The trip sounds wonderful. I love pipou beach. Can't wait to see you tan and relaxed.