Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hail Mary... It's hailing in Coronado!

Wow, hail here in Coronado. It's truly a novelty, one we hardly ever see living so far south, and so close to the coast. The trampoline was half covered in hail, and the white spots are falling hail. 

We were just 
standing in the door and gawking! 

The succulent garden looks like we peppered it with salt! An Alaskan storm moved through the region today, and brought the snow level down to 2500 ft. We are at sea level, and hardly EVER see hail. I don't remember ever seeing this much hail in Coronado before. Too fun (for us :o)

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Steve R. said...

Hi Val. Those are some crazy pictures! I remember it used to hail sometimes in Coronado, but it never came down like that! Mom mentioned that you and the family are getting ready for your vacation. Don't forget the sunblock! I also received the article you sent from the Coronado Journal. That's such great news on your creations!!! Kim loves her cat pin and keeps it on display in her office. I keep telling her to wear it so she can give you some free advertising. I'm working on it... Love, Steve