Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last But Not Least of Hawaii

One more look
Just a couple more pictures from our trip, and then I am finished! I think Kyle really liked seeing the hula girls in action. Both boys thought the fire dancing at the luau was one of the best things they saw during our trip. Of course, the 3-4" spider was another exciting site, one you just couldn't miss, even if you tried. The boys kept asking why so many houses were built on stilts. After seeing that spider, I'm convinced it's to keep the bugs out!
I included the picture of the pretty hula dancers so you 
don't think I only had eyes for the guys (you'll see what I 
mean when you read down further). The beautiful wahines (sp?!) were just a spellbinding as the men!

Enjoy our pictures. That's it, for now!

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