Saturday, March 29, 2008

Refreshed By Hawaii!

A Wonderful Trip
Kauai was beautiful and remote, and just what we all needed. Our days were filled with enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the pool, the beach, mai-tais :o), more pool, visiting the Fern Gardens (not that great for the money, and a bit hokey), a trip up to the north shore of Kauai, a Luau on Greg's birthday where Greg and Drew were called up on stage to do the hula(!), a trip to the Grand Canyon of Hawaii, pool, more mai-tais, and looking in pearl shops (Val only). I felt like I had been transported back in time. I also fell in love with those Hawaiian guys from the Luau (oops - sorry Greg!). Golly gosh, they are...well, words escape me! At least I have the pictures to enjoy.   
These pictures (left) are from the luau, when the dancers were dancing a historic hula. It was lovely.
The picture of the single guy is for Tracy (I know he's just your type, Tracy!!) I didn't find out if he's single, though, so sorry.
Here he is:

Here's another picture of my boys doing what I'm sure they went to Hawaii to do: swim in the pool day in and day out! We actually had difficulty dragging them to the beach. The pool was just too fine... (oops, the pool photo won't load. I'll try again later!)

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