Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not To Spoil The Surprise...

Latest Pug Pin Inspires Magical Dog House Pincushion 
Well, actually, Lulu is the one really responsible for all this inspiration. She's the one who organized the Pincushion swap on Ravelry. (Did I mention that I'm finally a Ravelry member?!) So, Lulu loves her sweet 14 year old pug, called Grampa. (Lulu's name on Ravelry is Gramma. I guess she feels about married to that pup, after 14 years!) I tried several new pincushion designs, knowing all the while that I would definitely be sending Lulu one of my Pug Pins due to her love interest. But then it dawned on me... how about a pincushion that goes WITH the pug. What better design than the doghouse? 
I suppose this dog house is a bit of a girlie 
design, for a male dog and all. But, hey, 
at 14, one just has to go with the flow, right?! Anyhow, please don't spoil the surprise by showing Lulu my latest post. I want her to open the package and be so surprised that her eyes pop out, just like a pugs eyes do. If someone's there to take a picture, Gramma and Grampa will be look-alikes, just like an old married couple. How sweeeeet! I hope you love it, Lulu. I did so love making it for you. :o) 
-I didn't post the photo of the back of the 
dog house. The back has a little peek hole, 
with writing around it that says "Peek Thru 2CU". It's a bit hard to read, but you can make it out if you try. 
The next one I'm going to make will be a bird house for a sassy birdy. Then I'm going to list it on my etsy site, and I bet it won't sell because I'm going to make it about $125.00! I swear, this one took me 3 DAYS to make. But, really, doesn't everyone need a glorious house pincushion with a removable sassy pin that says everything about how avant-garde you are when you wear it?!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Boys

Time To Get A Year Older!
Yes, it's that time of the year for Drew and Kyle. Their birthdays are only two weeks apart, so it seems like we are in birthday mode for at least half a month around here! Then comes Lola, who turns 2 on June 9th. I wonder what sort of birthday party we should plan for her?! How many doggie friends shall she invite? And, most importantly, will they play nice?!