Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here's What's New For Artisan's Alley

A Few New Friends Will Join Us
Yes, it's true. I plan to introduce a few new items to Artisan's Alley shoppers who visit Val's Art Studio booth, # 63 (across from the entrance to the food court area). The first will be the pillows mentioned in my last post. Please meet the new friends:

Felted Jewelry
Sweet Beaded Candy Rose Choker necklaces are made from felted wool and cashmere sweater scraps, and area charming gift for a favorite sister, niece, daughter, or YOU! The charm hangs on a suede cord, and the clasp is adorned with a charm that might be a leaf, a dragonfly, a bee, or even a beautiful message like "Be Yourself". I really like that message. If we are true to ourselves, then everything seems to work out in a magical way.

Felted Purses
(I am really most excited about the felt purses)
These felted purses are made from recycled wool sweaters. Each one is completely unique and is a one-of-a-kind art piece. I might be able to find a 
similar sweater, or color, but there is no way two 
purses will ever come together the same way. 
Okay, granted, several purses will be adorned 
with needle felted birds, that is a guarantee.... But there are always pups, kitties, leaves, patterns... the possibilities are endless.

The other truly exciting addition to the Val's Art Studio line is the LINING of the purses. I am completely undone over the incredible selection of fabrics available to me, and especially love the selections from Amy Butler, Michael Miller, among many fashionable others. I get as big a kick from designing the linings as I do the purses. Now, does anyone have the name of a good seamstress they can send my way?!
Please leave me a comment and let me know 
what you think. After all, YOU are the first to 
meet the new friends!

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