Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's New With You?

For me, it's Pillows.

Now Debuting Pillows
Pillows are the newest item "taking over my life". Okay, I'll admit it; either I am fickle or I have ADD. Or, maybe I just have too many sweater scraps. Who really knows? First the sweaters and the purses (more later on the purses), now the pillows. What I love about the pillows is how they shine like a beacon of light in my living room :o) Also, if you want a change of pace, you can switch to the back of the pillow, which has that great animal print on the back. Too fun. I just love the giraffe print. It's what I'm all about. At least for right now. Today, that is..

The Real Deal
What about the dog?, you may ask. Well, that is actually a likeness of our sweetie missie, Lola. I just need to have her around me. She's my lovie. So, since many people have lovie pets, I thought it might be nice to add customized pet pillows to my repertoire. One only needs to email me a photo of their beloved, and I can turn it into a reasonable needle felted likeness. I might add the needle felting goes onto a recycled sweater fabric background, framed with decorative trims and ribbons, and stuffed with eco-friendly, non allergic cotton/bamboo batting. I'm trying to stay as natural and green as we all need to be... Please check out the listing in my etsy shop, or email me for more information on PILLOWS!

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