Monday, December 15, 2008


A Note About The Mrs. Beetons
The wristwarmers that you may have seen me wearing are called Mrs. Beetons Wristwarmers (a photo of my newest orange Mrs. Beetons will soon grace this post, once I take the photo, that is, and once I figure out how to use the iPhoto on my new macBook...) Apparently, Mrs. Beeton is the English version of Martha Stewart. Well, the wristwarmers are fabulous, and I am the first to admit it. Actually, it's really Gail, Marcia, Susan and Judy who had to twist my arm (wrist) about the Mrs. Beetons on our knit retreat up to Julian. Though they actually were the first to enlighten me about the Mrs.Bs, I have taken the cause full force, and now have knitted up 3 sets of these Mrs. Bs. (More than anyone in my knit group, I might add, however they are catching up) Two pair have gone to new homes, and I only have my lovely newest orange pair to give me the grace and polish I deserve once donned. (donned; is that an actual word?!)

The Mrs.Bs come straight from, and are a free download I might add. So, all you knitters out there, just get yourself busy learning this pattern. And, I might warn you, get the pattern straight, because you will be knitting these things up like they are going out of style. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE will want their own Mrs. Beetons. And, believe me, they will request them in every color combo imaginable. So, choose the finest and most yummy yarn you can (like yarn from The Grove), and love them to death, because you will not have them for long once you start wearing these oh-so-something Mrs. Beetons... (sigh)

A note to the non-knitters: Okay, I will start out by saying that I am so very sorry. Sorry about my knitting skills. My knitting skills, like my crafting skills, are very polished, but oh-so-very s-l-o-w... So these Mrs. Beetons take me about 20 hours to knit up. Yes, I know this for a fact. I'm on my 4th pair. Yes, I've speeded up a little bit with repetition, and I've modified the pattern so they are oh-so-perfect (the fit), but s-l-o-w with the creation. I will say that I do pick out a fine yarn combination (thanks to the little help from my friends ;o), and the beading selection is wonderful with a little help from Marcia, the bead queen. So, if you want me to make you up a pair of these fine wristwarmers, they will not be cheap, oh-so-sorry!

Photo op coming soon, I promise.... though I missed my iPhoto session at the Apple store today. Too rainy for my brand new laptop without a case...

Lastly, a PS; Okay, due to the fact that these Mrs Bs are in such demand, and due to the fact that I have many recycled wool sweater cuffs at my disposal, I am going to mock up a fake pair of Mrs Bs and I will post a picture of them here so you can tell me if they "work". So check back soon, perhaps by the end of the week, and tell me what you think...

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