Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Fakes" Renamed as Ms. Val's

No More "Fake" Mrs. Beetons
The thing is that "fake" just cheapens them, and they are sooo great, they need a special category all their own. So, now the Mrs. Beeton knock offs (man, that sounds even worse) are now an entity of their
 own, and they are now called Ms.Val's. Yes, "Ms. Val's Wristwarmers". It does sound nice, don't you think? Thanks to Gail for that. She really set me straight!

This pair are the special Valentine's Day pair. They are made from recycled cashmere sweaters, and are as soft and as light as a feather.  A little heart button on the backside, for a sweet message of love. Just so you know, they pull on over the hands, I don't expect chilly people to take the time for the buttons, when you are so cold and all. For you people who get a tad chilly, these are just the ticket. Fashionable too, don't you know...

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