Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mrs. Beeton, All You Want to Know, and More

All About the Mrs. Beeton Wristwarmers
Well, ask and you shall find out more than you ever really wanted to know about these wonderful wristwarmers...
First, the real Mrs. Beetons. These lovely orange pair are so special that I will not take them off in public for fear they will be swiped! (Read the next post for specifics on knitting your own pair of Mrs. Beetons) These Mrs Bs command so much attention when worn, I have to remember about their special-ness when they are on my wrists. The close up photo shows the 
beaded loveliness, which is something that
makes these very wonderful.

Now, for the "Fakes"
Okay, I know they aren't the real thing, but you have to admit they are still pretty great. They are made from recycled sweater "fabric" and beautiful cotton crocheted trims.  These fakes are pretty good, and I am excited to wear them out on the town to see if they will get the same reaction as the Mrs Bs. The main problem is that I only want to wear the real Mrs Bs.... sigh.

A note about the Purses
Happily, my purses have been a hit with the ladies. I was looking for a way to bring recycled sweater goods to the ladies market, and the purses seemed like a great way to do this. My beautiful Japanese Blossom purse has sold several times over, and has a newly designed Bird back. Please view the photos of this beautiful bag in my etsy shop: 
This lovely grey purse is a custom evening bag created for a client who found me
through Austin's Gallery. Perfect with the Fake Mrs Bs, don't you agree?!

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