Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Oh, Lampwork Beads

Here We Go...
Off into the world of beads, that is. 

Marcia said we shouldn't miss the opportunity to see the lampbead work by Heather Trimlett, and Kristina Logan. She said that it's nearly impossible to see these two fantastic bead artists together. So, Gail and I, being the dutiful minders we are to any Marcia DeCoster suggestions, happily trot off to handle beads. Handle, mind you, HANDLE. Susan was the
sensible one. She knows her weaknesses, and thought the temptation might just be too great, so she; Miss Sensible, stayed away. 

The top picture is the AMAZING glass fusion art by Kristina Logan. I will just say that soon Gail and I will each have a custom piece by Kristina. We only have our egg-each-other-on selves to blame for that. Plus, we can blame Kristina, and all her incredible fabulous-artistic-ness that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Needless to say, our pieces will each match our Taboo rings. Everyone else will just have to drool when we are sporting these extra special jeweled treasures. That's all I can say about it, except for this. Yes, Gail, I did tell my husband...

Then, the bottom photo are beads by both Kristina and Heather. Soon, they will become some fabulous items which will adorn some part of my anatomy. Not sure yet, but thinking ears... All blame will be placed on Marcia's shoulders, though I'm sure she will say that she warned us.

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Marcia DeCoster said...

I'm a bead your choices!