Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!

February 16
Today marks the first birthday within our group of friends, the Pigs, or those born in the Year of the Pig; 1959. There are 5 of us turning 50 this year. Jeff, whose birthday is today (Happy Birthday Jeff! All the way to you in London), then Shawna is next on March 20th, followed by Greg on March 23rd. Then Nalini on August 23rd, and last will be me, on August 31st. Oops! I left out Barbie! Also turning 50 this year, though she really doesn't look it, damn her!! 

Waving a sad good bye to the decade of 40's ... Filled with fun, yet behaving responsibly. Laughter, though we've shed a few tears. Living to the fullest, though there have been a few losses. And prayers, there's been a few more of those. Our kids are growing up faster than we can comprehend (thus the reason for the extra praying... that we'll survive the next few years that is!) But all in all, a thankfulness for the time we've had together, the fun we've shared, and the good times on the horizon. Here's a toast to you Jeff! Have a wonderful day!

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