Monday, March 16, 2009

Cuteness In My Studio

Cute, Cute, Cute
Just can't help this post, but I'm all about cute today...

Maybe it's because I've been thinking about one of my favorite studios, Boy Girl Party. I just love the level of cute that happens over there. I can't get enough of looking at those cute characters, their expressions, the whimsy of it all...

Perhaps I'm busy looking over at my lovely Glitter House. Cute! I was so excited to take this class at Paper Tales. It's a box, lovely, glittering in the sunbeam where I have it perched, with a sparkling message: Shine.

Maybe it's because the birdies are all about me today, and don't we know; they are very cute. We've had the oriole pair in the yard, flitting about slyly with their lovely yellow-iness. We've had the green twitter-tots (love that,
Susan :o) out there too. Don't know their names, but they fly about in a noisy chattering pack, with their grey green bodies all a-twitter with liveliness. We've had the black phoebie's too, flitting and twirling about, catching one bug after another. I guess Spring must be in the air. I'm noticing lots of birdies gathering sticks and such
... love is in the air too!

Maybe it's my newest needle felted friend, who I named 'Harriet QT'. Can't help it...cute's got a hold of me. Do you notice she's all dressed up... in orange no less... :o)

And, finally, the cutes have spread themselves wide and far upon my studio table. Cutes today are colored in oranges, pinks, reds and purples. See them over there? They are pincushions just waiting for me to finish this post so they can get stitched up properly. Best get going now,
cutes keep calling...

One last thing about the Pay-It-Forward challenge. If you are one of my "3", make sure you email me your address. Never telling when something extra cute might end up in your mailbox...

Now, go have yourself an extra cute day :o)

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Rita said...

Ciao Val,
just got an email from Deb Hodge and gave me your blog. Like it! Hope to meet you a la Maison Rustique next sale. Ciao Rita