Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things To Think About

A Stumbling Block To Creativity - Me?
Well, I came upon a wonderful new blogsite called Pikaland through, of course, Twitter. (my newest form of distraction). Pikaland has a wonderful project called the Good to Know Project I really identified with this project because I do actually have my own stumbling blocks to creativity, and one in particular has reared it's ugly head lately. I still feel a bit squeamish even talking about this, but since blogging has become a form of therapy for me (thank you), I am going to just press on, and divulge it here, all over this page. Ready, here goes... 

"By All Means, Be An Artist… Just Don’t Make Purses" -an actual quote heard during dinner party conversation. ....Okay, there it is. That is my major stumbling block. 

We have people in our lives who touch us in ways we may or may not like. I don't really know why I let certain people affect me the way they do, as when I overhear this type of dinner party conversation. I know they weren't directing this comment towards me. In fact, the comment was directed towards someone studying art, who wasn't even present. And, I did take it personally. 

My rational is that I do struggle with this very issue deep inside myself; can purses actually be an art form? I studied Fine Art in order to be a fine artist, and paint fantastic paintings. But why can't fantastic paintings be created from fiber instead of paint? And why can't one's canvas be recycled wool, instead of muslin? My stumbling block here is of my being misunderstood by the greater artistic community, inadvertently subjecting myself to a lesser artistic level by not being a purist and keeping my paintings on canvas. Society seems to dictate what is acceptable, marketable, "real art". I suppose my compulsion to stand my ground, and fight for acceptance of the art form I choose to create may backfire. But, for today (and tomorrow), this is my path. It's the path that makes me happy, makes my heart sing, the path that people support by buying my work. I may get back to canvas one day, when I am ready. Then, those people can decide whether or not they deem my art "acceptable". In the meantime, I am quite happy to forge my own path, thank you very much!


Marcia DeCoster said...

Val, I think your medium is not as important and the joy it brings to the artist...I'm pretty sure you do 'real art' and I'm glad you are decided to forge your own path

Love the good to Know Blog, thanks for sharing

coolmoon said...

Hi Valerie. I found you through Marcia DeCoster's blog - being curious about the Twitter thing, I checked you out. But imagine my surprise while reading your blog about finding your artistic medium. SOOO glad to hear that I am not the only artist that struggles with this. I am a beader - who firmly believes that what I (and what others-like Marcia) do with those beads is a true work of ART and should not be relegated to the "craft" sector by the so called experts. My willingness to stick to that belief is finally paying off little by little - my work is being featured as an ART GALLERY exhibit here in my town - just my work and no one else's - during the month of May. So stick to your guns (even if it's an occasional glue gun!) and work your magic with whatever medium you feel brings you the most happiness - and will be most rewarding.
Sheryl Stephens
Cool Moon Creations

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

Thanks Sheryl and Marcia,
I really appreciate your comments and insite. I'm sure the beading world is filled with the angst of craft vs. art. Well, I know for a fact that Marcia's beading is true art, and it sounds like yours is too Sheryl. Congratulations on that!

Deb said...

Hi, Val.... you don't know me, but I'm a few feet away from you on this creative path.

We creatives all struggle with our doubts and fears, and the opinions of others. It seems to be part & parcel of the process for us to have to defend and explain ourselves to those who can't see the value in our pursuits. I, too, studied fine arts, and can paint up a storm - but my career and my business are built around using 3-D objects to compose a 'picture': I am a retail display stylist & store designer. This is not considered to be an art form, therefore I must not be an artist, right? sigh....

The thing is, I AM an artist because I have an artist's creative soul. and so are you! The medium doesn't matter - the vision does. Keep moving forward, Val... you are not alone on this crazy creative path!