Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thinking About Twittering?

His phone rang and he walked away from his loud drunk friends. He told her a lie so obvious he flinched. She didn't care. Her lie was bigger
- a 140 character "Tweet" from tiny novelist Arjunbasu

Hopefully, I can be of some help with your Twitter questions. Twitter is a new-ish social networking site which can link you in the fastest way possible to friends, family, and others with similar interests to yours. You can check out my twitter page , or you can visit twitter's home page to sign up for your own twitter account. It's free, fun, and highly addictive. (I'm just forewarning you about this)

There are pages you can visit if you have more questions about how to navigate twitter  or, Mollybob posts a great resource if you are new to twitter called "What I'd like to have known when I started using Twitter" How great is that?! In any case, try Twitter today. You will find it'll become your newest best friend :o) *tweet*

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