Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This One's For The Ladies

Finally, ladies, here they are! The photos from our fun Felted Birdie Pin class. We had a busy and fun class last (last) weekend at Paper Tales, and everyone's birdies came out beautifully!!

Holly and Nancy are a mom and daughter pair, one of two mom and daughter teams who took the class. I just love the mom and daughters, for the way they work together, and help each other out. Poor Nancy had only just found out she'd broken a bone in her hand two weeks ago. Holly and I were there to step in for Nancy when the needle felting became too much. Ouch, poor Nancy. I sure hope you're feeling better by now...
Sandra is a very accomplished crafter and doer and lover of all things handmade. She has had this fabulous shop called Under The Sun, and we keep running into each other for many Paper Tales events. It was a real treat to have Sandra take my class :o)
Mom and daughter team #2, Wendy and Diane arrived from the hot Arizona desert to cool off at the coast, and take in a felting class. How I wish I'd written down the name of their scrapbooking store in Phoenix. It sounds like such a fun place, with a great product mix.
Irene was a fast worker, and kept the group's pace up so we didn't fall too far behind with all the talking!

Lisa and I were the slowpokes of the group. Lisa was the careful worker, while I did all the talking. Well, okay, so I taught the class... But, I love that Lisa! She has attended every class I've taught. Pretty soon I'll be able to hire Lisa as a helper since she'll know all the tricks up my sleeve! You go, Lisa!!!

There were a few ladies who I missed taking pictures of (I'm sorry!), but you are here with us in spirit. How I wished I'd taken a group photo of all the Birdies. They were so dang cute!!!


sandra Lee said...

Val, that was such a fun class! Thank you, you are so enjoyable to be around! I love my birdie and made the other one when I got home...now whom will they go to????

Cindy said...

Val...oh how I would have loved to take this class! One day if you ever teach in the national circuit (like Art and Soul), and you come to the East Coast, I'll be there!!