Saturday, October 31, 2009

Advertising 101

That's what I'm all about today, Halloween Day. Between the pumpkin carving, the sewing up of my youngest son's spooky costume, and the roasting of pumpkin seeds, guess what I did? I decided to place an ad on a favorite site to visit; Kelly Rae Roberts' blog page! There's my little ad spot up there. So, you can see that I am a true multi-tasker. One part of my mind is on the business at hand, and the other one is freeform planting (+ roasting ;o) seeds and dealing with irons in that fire. Aren't we women amazing?! Oh, the things we manage to do with our compartmentalizing minds! My husband just shakes his head!

Happy Halloween to you and yours! I'm sure you'll be multi tasking too, while you take your little ghosts and goblins around. Enjoy every minute :o)

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