Monday, October 5, 2009

Felted Ball Tutorial(s)

I will forewarn you that I don't understand a thing she says. But the pictures and idea come across really well. So, if you are "dyeing" to know how to make a felt ball for jewelry or for anything else, turn down your sound and watch the video. About the "dyeing" part, well, that's a whole different tutorial, and will have to be addressed on a different day. :o)

Okay, if you need translation, go on to this next video. Warning: you will notice the woman lets the water run for more than 6 minutes. Since we are in drought conditions, I don't recommend letting your water run the entire time you are working on the ball. Try to get a bowl of hot and cold water, and move between hot and cold in this fashion. Sheesh, I guess there's no such thing as a water shortages in Europe (or wherever she's from)...

I was going to add a third video. It's in Japanese with an English translator, but there are bathroom activities happening in the background which could gross some people out. I'll spare you that one, but can let you know where to find it if you're curious!

Happy felting!

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Mari said...

Ok... thank you for the suggestion... sorry the tutorial...I will try these... only the little felted bead...the rest in world of felt... you are the master!!! You design it and we make sure we'll buy it.